Sunday, October 12, 2008

Add petrol to a glass bottle and replace the cap/cork.

Tie a petrol soaked tampon to the neck of the bottle.

When ready to use light the tampon and throw.

Additional Notes:
  • This is more relible than the traditional petrol soaked rag design. Sometimes the rag can burn too fast causing the cocktail to ignite in your hand. The tampon ensures that the petrol will only ignite after the glass has been broken.
  • You can improve this design again by filling the bottle with homemade napalm instead of petrol (the tampon should still be soaked in petrol however). For instructions on how to make homemade Napalm, see my previous post, here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Cut up some styrofoam (such as a styrofoam cup).

Pour some petrol into a metal contain such as a saucepan (plastic containers will melt).

Slowly add the styrofoam pieces, they will dissolve in the petrol.

Continue adding styrofoam until the petrol becomes saturated (no more styrofoam will dissolve)

The resulting mixture is napalm (always store in a glass or metal container).

Additional Notes:

  • Napalm is any thickening agent added to a flammable liquid that causes it to gel. While this is no substitute for military grade Napalm (Napalm-B), this will act in the same way, i.e. stick to clothes, skin, vehicles, the side of buildings etc. and can be difficult to extinguish.
  • 'Napalm Sticks to Kids' is the name of a running cadence of the U.S. Military

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smoke Bomb

Mix Sugar (40%) with Potassium Nitrate (AKA Salt Peter, 60%) in a saucepan.
(40g Sugar to 60g Potassium Nitrate is a good trial batch)

Heat the mixture slowly, over a low heat.
(Heating too quickly or at too high a temperature can cause the mixture to turn black and ignite)

The mixture should start to melt and will soon look like caramel.

The mixture should be scrapped into a suitable container, or simply onto a hard clean (non-porous) surface and allowed to cool. If you have a fuse insert it before it cools completely.
(Scraping the mixture into cardboard containers can make it easier to use later, as the mixture, even when cool, will always remain sticky)

Even a small (icecube sized) bomb can be quite powerful, experience will teach how much is required for any given situation.

Additional Notes:

  • Adding Baking Soda supposedly retards combustion.

  • Adding powdered dye can colour your smoke, experimentation with different dyes would be required. Certain colours (orange, pink, blue) work better than others, allowing your bombs to be used for signaling as well as screening.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

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